TOKYO DARK CASTLE EXTRA — While at Tokyo’s largest Gothic event (Report here), I managed to take a little video of Baal performing Wreckage on stage! This is still my favorite song from the band and just pumps the crowd as you will see. Unlike previous JGoth home videos this one is quiet enough that you won’t have to rip your headphones off screaming “Igor! You C-Nut!” Yes, I discovered the volume control! Do you fancy a couple of minutes of the live Baal experience from the pit at TDC?

A special thanks to the band for giving me the okay to show this little viddy!

Want more? Check out Baal’s official site or Baal on MySpace for the real Baal experience!

There are a few other videos on my YouTube space, but beware… I didn’t know about the volume control for those.

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