[Goth - Fetish - Industrial - DJ & Live] Midnight Mess is a hot event and one of the main regular Goth events in Tokyo, taking place on the fourth Saturday of every month. Mess’ is a mix of live, DJ and performance and the general sound-scape is Gothic, fetish, dark, experimental and industrial. Recommended as a launch point for newbies and quite a nice place to go to on a regular basis.

Resident DJ’s STATIK (EBM, industrial, technoid) and TE2 (post punk, bat cave, Goth rock & industrial) will be there along with Selia’s baroque opera performance and some S and some M from MS. M. and a fetish performance to be announced later. Sounds cool.

As always with overnight events, entry is 18+ and drinking is 20+ (remember your ID).

JGoth Bonus If you forget to book, just say you are on the JGoth list and get the pre-book discount!

Midnight Mess (info) @ Marz Shinjuku TOKYO
Open: 24:00
Live: Selia (info).
DJs: Maya (Midnight Mess), TE2, Statik.
Performance: Fetish performance (TBA)

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