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Destruct System[Power industrial and beyond] When I first saw the announcement for this event, I knew it was THE MOFO of the month! First, there is some pretty cool heavily mechanical-trance industrial from Ruin Close Reptile. Then there is Destruct System, which is one of the hottest industrial heavy-rock bands in the Tokyo scene. Finally there’s Morgue, which is the hardest-hitting super-heavy sounds I have heard (this side of serious metal assault) – Morgue blows your skull open and pumps it full of adrenaline! This will make a very good live night for the dark souls, and those who just have to release the beast within. The combination of Destruct System and Morgue in particular is brilliantly brutal – you will be treated to an awesome double-display of mind-bollocksing power industrial and more, and you will love every second of it! But wait… there’s more!

The DJ mix is also looking good with Midnight Mess’ Maya, Destruct System’s Kohki and Thanatos and Spanking Go Go/Alter K (AKA Ken Morioka). Finally there is a performance by German Living Dead doll Mimi.

Mash it all together and you have one hellish overnight event that should sap every ounce of energy you have – I shit you not. Highly recommended.

Full details here.

[Gothic DJ Extreme] Just one week into the year and we already have a proper event going on! Good good. This is a very new permutation for TDC (aside from the early start) – there are no bands.

Definitely an event for Gothic clubbing (or bat caving or whatever), the night will feature the talents of regular TDC DJ’s Chihiro, Violet and Taizo along with Elmina from Osaka’s [sin:kwai], Acid Kluxx (Rieu from Despair) and the totally awesome Wakana. As far as DJ’d events this pumps and should be good for Gothy and non-Goth raving-clubbers alike. A good start to the year before the live insanity gets going.

Full details here

One of the more interesting little death-related stories is the ongoing discovery of body bits of one fellow in the Shinjuku and Shibuya areas. The initial discovery was about a week ago when someone found a man’s torso dumped in a street a few hundred meters away from Shinjuku station. Without the head, lower parts of the arms, or bottom half of the body (including the bottom), the torso was found inside a Tokyo Metropolitan Government-approved garbage bag. Wait… Trash collection – how do you classify a corpse? Burnable, non-burnable or recyclable??

Apparently the wood-shop work took place sometime after death – which makes things a little better, but the poor blighter is dead in either case.

Today, a bottom and legs were found in a the garden of an empty house in Shibuya. So that would just leave the head, arms and other sundry hiding around the Shibuya-Shinjuku landscape (or possibly dumped far away to stifle identification of the victim). A grisly treasure hunt I guess. Police are still determining if the lower bit matches the upper bit or if they a bits from different puzzles. Like the torso, the lower bits were placed in a plastic bag, but it is unclear from reports if this plastic bag was approved by the Tokyo Metro Government or not.

That just leaves the arms and the head… He might have lost his head, but he’s ‘armless enough.

I’m having a macabre moment tonight….

Have you been a good boy, a bad boy, or a really, really bad boy? Santa’s got something special in his sack…

Three of the four were convicted of murder and robber, and one for murder. Two of them were in their 70s, one in his 60s and one in his 40s. While they do have the death penalty in Japan, it is used sparingly, with only two to five executions taking place each year. There are currently 93 inmates on death row in Japan.

And for the people who will wail some senseless argument about executing folks on Christmas day (it doesn’t matter when, only if), Japan isn’t a Christian state and there is no public holiday for Xmas. IT DOES NOT EXIST HERE except as another excuse for shopping and dating and endless replays of tunes like (God help me, not again) Last ChristmasRead this blah.

Excuse the mess, I am still getting used to all the buttons and dials of the site since my return. This is the final scream for the new year events in Tokyo and Osaka. I was hoping someone had an idea in Nagoya, but after getting no reply on a BBS post I realized I might as well just scream at a few Christers on the first day of 2007.

Anyway, here are the last events for the final week of 2006…

December 26
Psydoll in Tokyo

December 30
Mirage in Tokyo
Electrock Circus in Tokyo

December 31
Midnight Mess in Tokyo
[Goth-SM-Industrial-Underground Dance] Midnight Mess will take you screaming into the new year with performances from dark siren Selia, some binding from Mira Kurumi, DJing and domineering from Maya, more DJing from Static, TE2, & Satsuki and a fistfull of noodles (served up before midnight, but the party goes on all night). Sounds great. Just don’t ask me about the noodles… Full details

December 31
Black Veil in Osaka
[Goth Industrial EBM DJ] Black Veil’s final party for 2006 is a cooperative effort bringing dark DJs from throughout the nation to Osaka. If you are Goth and in Osaka, then this is the place to be. I could go on, but just look at the DJ list (Black Veil DJ’s, Nagoya’s Stigmatic DJ’s, Tokyo Dark Castle’s DJ’s and BSL DJ’s) to get the idea. Full details.

Okay… I’m off to add some ev(il)ents for 2007.

This is about the Visual Kei band called Phantasmagoria, not the gothy romantics under Aci. DON’T MIX THEM UP! Also, Aci’s taken the wise decision of renaming the band “The Royal Dead,” which makes things a helluvalot less confusing.

Anyway, onto the VK group… According to Mainichi:

The Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau has taken action against the bass player of rock band Phantasmagoria, accusing him of evading about 46 million yen in taxes, it has been learned.

The bassist, Tadashi Matsuura (AKA Kisaki), faces penalties mounting some 64 million yen – penalties are a bitch. It is amazing to see think that this guy managed to stoke 150 million yen of earnings.Read the full report on Mainichi.

Psydoll[Dark Cybernetic Rock] LAST MINUTE ADDITION! The title means something like “Using the neural dreams of corpses,” but all you really need to know is that all your cybernetic base belong to Psydoll! People from the UK should know Psydoll quite well after their tours in 2005 and a bit earlier this year – check their site (easy to find the email for booking). Joining Psydoll are γμκδ, Musu Bore (neo-romantic noise) and more. Xmas is over, time to get back to business!

神経夢想亡骸使ぁE- Using the neural dreams of corpses @ Urga, Shinjuku TOKYO
When: December 25, 2006
Open: 18:00 :: Start: 18:30
Price: 1,500 adv. :: 1,800 @ door
Live: Live: Psydoll (info), γμκδ, Musu Bore

Full details with links to maps, etc.

Tactical industrial assault is back with 2Bullet’s recent return to live action! The crew have slapped a few videos on YouTube to give you a taste of what it is like at an underground event. Imbeds and links to four videos are below…

Live movies available!!!

Drain People’s Blood -Cold war remix-

Pray For Me

Burn Their Flag (new song!!)


2 Bullet (info) is promising to load up one more song so get ready for more Mutually Assured Destruction from the band.

:: More Information ::
2 Bullet’s You Tube site

The hugest IPO of the year in Japan was Mixi, a Japanese social networking site (kind of like MySpace) that exploded onto the scene and now boasts some 7 million users. It is the darling of the new business world with buzz, buzz and more freaking buzz throughout the news media. However, a shocking incident destroyed the lives of a couple and led to cancellation of thousands of user accounts. But this did not make the news in Japanese or English…

Mixi is an invitation-only social networking system that through word-of-mouth, through explosive growth. So big and so hot this service became that it went IPO and went through the roof. It was (and remains) the bees knees.

However, there is a dark side.

The Ass Hair Burger Incident
The information to follow largely comes from Herro Flom Japan (link below), the only English source I could find (there are lots of things in Japanese).
One user experienced a security breech on his computer and this led to somebody downloading all the data on that computer, including his and his girlfriend’s Mixi account information, and pictures of his girlfriend posing spread-eagled naked (the ass hair hamburger). The data was shared around and reconstituted to reveal the girl’s personal, educational and work information and finally dropped into the infamous forum/bulletin site 2channel. The data was out, these peoples lives were devastated and the fallout from the incident led to massive account deletions, impact on the stock price and sent the blogosphere screaming. This was major news in Japan… NOT. There are over 250,000 pages about the Ass Hair Burger but zero news articles on Google Japan. Further scanning shows that a few weeklies (trashy tabloids, with some investigative stuff) picked it up, but the mainstream silence was deafening.

This is just a snippet of the incident and issues relating to security and privacy in Japan. To hear the whole story from Herro Flom Japan just head to the Ass Hair Burger Festival. Please, please, please check out the full story!

I originally heard about it was a conversation with one of the lords of Chin Music Press and Canned Coffee. Cheers guys.

Japan Goth December scream out from

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:: Igor’s Blah ::
Okay, so I’m back online… sort of. Sorry for the lack of interactivity on the site, but I am slowly working out how to handle things in that regard.

More importantly, the last batch of events are up for 2006. Actually there are quite a few kick-ass things going on if you dig around the Web, but the list is features some of the prettiest of the bunch.

The last events kick off with a Mode assault from A04 starting tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 16th), and finish with Maya’s New Year Party starting 11 p.m. on December 31st. There are also a couple of events listed for Osaka, but other cities will just have to wait until January – sorry.

If you are wondering… January is going to ex-frigging-plode with events right from the start – two w00ts for that!

Sat. 16 Dec. 2006
Project:ELEKTRA’s MODE 2 @ Club Wedge Shimokitazawa TOKYO

Sat. 16 Dec. 2006
Club Walpurgis – ANtiChRiSt xXmAsS @ Aoi Heya, Shibuya TOKYO

Tue. 19 Dec. 2006
Auto-Mod and Lloy in Immigran Haus #4 Bloody Xmas Party

Fri. 22 Dec. 2006
Switch BladerZ in Viva La Slap @ King Cobra Nishi Shinsaibashi OSAKA

Sun. 24 Dec. 2006
Club Inferno @ Bar Shifty Shibuya TOKYO

Sat. 30 Dec. 2006
Destruct System in Electrock Circus #20 @ Urga, Shinjuku TOKYO

Sat. 30 Dec. 2006
Club Mirage Vol. 14 @ Club Hoop, Shinjuku TOKYO

Sun. 31 Dec. 2006
New Year’s Gothic Revolution Count Down Party 2006-2007 @ Club Neo Osaka

Sun. 31 Dec. 2006
Midnight Mess New Year Party @ MK Studio Shinjuku TOKYO

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That is all from chaos central.

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