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You wanna play dead, that’s okay. You wanna play with the dead? Now that’s another question. California now has necrophilia as a felony. Incredible that it took two attempts to pass. According to an interesting piece in the State Press, not even after one local man was caught engaging in sex with the corpse of a young girl was enough to bring the law through:

Finally, Schwarzenegger made the law official last Friday after a San Francisco man was found drunk with the corpse of an elderly woman and prosecutors failed to indict him in the absence of this law.

Traversing the cusp of one century cycle to the next.

To somone very special, thank you for all you have given. You will remain in our hearts and minds forever.

Love, JP
† Sep. 14, 2004 †

Well, I decided to slap Google’s Adsense on the site. Got no idea why I did it as I don’t get much in the way of visitors. Still, it keeps me off the streets for a couple of hours while I muss with various templates….

Conclusion: I need a social life.

Japan can be a tough place to live these days and nothing shows this more that the 30,000+ suicides annually at a rate of 24.1 per 100,000. I had a squizz had the WHO site and the highest rate for Japan was 25.1 in 1955. The rate maps showed Japan, Australa, the former Soviet blok and a number of European nations have rates in excess of 13 suicides per 100,000. You can check out the WHO suicide prevention section if this is your thing.

A little snippet from ChannelNewsAsia’s Tokyo streets make way for ‘Gothic Lolita’ fashion:

It is called “Gosuloli” in Japanese, or Gothic Lolita. The young women look like Victorian maidens, with a tinge of evil. And it is precisely this drastic contrast that attracts them to dress this way.

Victorian maidens with a smattering of evil, I couldn’t put it better. The article is little more than a quick reconnaissance of gothloli fashion, but worth a looksee.