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Russia, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Luxembourg and the Netherlands all get a chance to enjoy some independent sexed-up 80s elektronicka from Andro, #449 and Nao. Euthanasie (info) play it retro with dark twists and sleaze to make it a nice and dirty experience! They are top guys to boot. I recommend checking them out if they hit your town.

2006/11/24(Fri) St-petersburg, Russia @ Revolution
2006/11/25(Sat) St-petersburg, Russia @ club Zoccolo
2006/11/30(Thu) Leeds, England @ The Cockpit
2006/12/01(Fri) London, England @ Bull and gate
2006/12/02(Sat) Lille, France @ La Rumeur (with lifelyxir)
2006/12/05(Tue) Paris, France @ Palais Bar
2006/12/07(Thu) Bordeaux, France @ el’inca
2006/12/08(Fri) Marseille, France @ Trolleybus
2006/12/11(Mon) Rome, Italy @ Traffic Live Club (with DEFLORE)
2006/12/14(Thu) Muenster, Germany @ Triptychon
2006/12/15(Fri) Goslar, Germany @ Tor III
2006/12/16(Sat) Warsaw, Poland @ Metal Cave club
2006/12/17(Sun) Vienna, Austria @ The Monastery
2006/12/18(Mon) Budapest, Hungary @ Keklyuk
2006/12/21(Thu) Kehlen, Luxembourg @ Shiny’z
2006/12/22(Fri) Utrecht, Netherlands @ EKKO

Time to cut to the chase. Igor cannot do the Webslaving here for a number of reasons for the forseeable future and I have got stuff to do, so it is bullet biting time here at The site has been set as an archive with the forum and comments being shut down as there will be no administration or supervision for quite a while. I am not sure when – or if – things will be re-opened, but until then this is the basic manual for Gothic-Industrial-EBM-SM-ETC n00bs in Japan – thank Igor for the shitty notes below…

1. There’s a shitload of info here already.
You’ll find stories about events, bands and links… and shit. Refer to the past to get your bearings for the future. There are also enough links to get you rumbling onto the scene. The big events now attract 5~15% gaijins so you shouldn’t find yourself alone in the crowd. Even if you do, most people are easy to get on with and you should fit in. Just avoid the freak wearing chop-shop smock screaming out “Rocky!” – he’s a menace to society. Tell an organizer/band you are one of the JGoth gaggle and they should know what you are talking about.

2. Still concerned? Try the big events
The first places to hit if you can are Midnight Mess, Tokyo Dark Castle in Tokyo, Black Veil/Midnight Necropolis in Osaka and Stigmatic in Nagoya. There are others mentioned in the site and you can find quite a few key events and bands in the Linx area.

3. Emails in English are usually cool.
Most Gothy people can handle English to varying levels. So if there is an event or band that catches your eye feel free to send an e-mail – simple English to start – unless you want to try in Japanese.

4. Bookings and stuff.
Bookings can be done with emails to bands or organizers – see above.

5. Maps to clubs.
Most club sites have maps – sometimes really shitty maps, but maps they are. You may want to try scouting around for better maps on Yahoo! Japan maps (if you can) or doing a bit of reconnoitering before an event. Most Goth parties tend to take place in a handful of arenas so you will be on top of things quicker than you know.

5. Future of the site.
Don’t ask me.

Bigass eventing November-December in Tokyo:
Nov 18: Midnight Mess
Dec 2: Tokyo Dark Castle
Dec 12: Club Walpurgis
Dec 24: Club Inferno
Dec 30: Electrock Circus
Dec 31: Midnight Mess

Until one of the deadbeats return remember the words of wisdom from Dick Cheney…