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Well, well, it’s finally time to get back into the scene! A big thanks to Nekoi @ Psydoll for the invitation to the Machinery Magic event last month. It was an awesome event with Psydoll, Neurotic Doll, CHC System and Custom Mummy delivering some fantastic music throughout the night.

Stay tuned as Igor gets his black-blooded juices moving flowing again to venture yet another time into Japan’s underground with Japanese Gothic and industrial event information, pictures & viddies, and reports.

Psydoll picturesDecember 26 was a Monday and the icey rain was coming down hard. That didn’t stop me from heading out to the Neuromancer event featuring Psydoll (info) and Musu Bore, among others.

Turnout was expectedly light, but the bands were doing their thing on stage, the bar was open, and those who braved the sudden cold snap got a dose of Cyber – things were good.

I only really watched Psydoll and Musu Bore. Both bands put on a good performance and, despite my suit dripping all over the club, I had a pretty darned good time. Actually, truth be told, I enjoyed racing through the rain to the club as it felt like I was in some dark Gibsonian novel. I also got a chance to chat with Nekoi Psydoll and met another mad Monday gaijin (hi Synboi!). A nice night.

There are only a handful of photos in the pixie gallery here – I am still getting used to my new just-out-of-date digicam.

Psydoll are taking a short break, but should be back in February when Tokyo begins to thaw out ready for Spring eventing.

Psydoll pictures from the Neuromancer event.