The next iteration of the revitalized Club Theatic takes place at Studio 326, an event arena with up to three floors of events going on at the same time. This event takes place on a Sunday evening allowing you to get the darkness out before the week begins. Live acts feature Psydoll and Gadget. and DJ’s include Wakana and Chihiro.

** Important! This show is dress coded for Gothic & Dark Fetish, no casual or street clothes **

Where Studio Cube 326
Address: 3-2-6, Tamachi, Minato-ku, Tokyo :: 108-0002 東京都港区海岸3-2-6 :: Map
Tel: 03-5439-9199
Live: Gadget., Psydoll, Gregor Samsa, Gothic Logic, Deomoid 13 (Nagoya).
DJ’s: Chihiro, Wakana, DoomSpider (Stigmatic, Nagoya) and VenoMoth (Stigmatic Nagoya).
Performances: Taizo and Tamaki Carmilla.
Open: 16:30
Price: 3,000 yen Advance or with flyer :: 3,500 yen @ Door

* DON’T FORGET – This event is DRESS CODED *

Club Theatic