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A small snippet of news for you. The Ueda College of Fashion have announced a new course for 2011 in Gothic and Lolita fashion design, reflecting its unique Japanese origins. This does not have much to do with the Gothic scene in Japan (although EGL is represented to a small extent at events), but is an interesting development showing that Gothic Lolita-ism as a growing trend.

A big thanx to Amy’s Arms for sending across a couple of CDs. The CD got a lot of playtime while I bided my time with all the other crazies in happy land. When I get on top of things I will start doing some serious reviewing. Amy’s Arms are a lounge Goth act from Canada and do a bang-up job with some dark emotional music. The members are Siren on vocals and Mr. Ratt on bass and programming.
You can find them at their Myspace locale with a few trax to get a taster including a hot cover of Wicked Game!

They are a great mix of Gothic Lolita with big-ass boots! Here are a few videos for you to check out.

[youtube V-R2COBC7F8 nolink]


[youtube NYRNCGFyj7Y nolink]