[Electro-dance DJ & Live] Late addition to the May listings. How to describe this event…. Maybe 21st century cocktail of electro-dance, fun to fetishy cosplay, experimental cabaret, and more. Decadent and fun with good music. Lots of DJ’s and performers including Aural Vampire, Selia, Shisen/Violet from the darker side of the tracks. Still confused? Well just check the Decadance blog for a couple of cool videos of past events. Recommended for those who like to dress up when they go wild.

Decadance vol. 8
When: Saturday, 27th May
Open: 23:30
Where: Fai Aoyama (nr. Omotesando)
Address: Hachihonkan Building B1/B2, 5-10-1, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 :: Map
Tel: 03-3486-4910
Live: Aural Vampire
Performance: Selia, Dragon & Jousama, Go-go Dancers and Dragqueen & Hennayatsu (eh?).
DJs: Sisen (Violet), Hideo Koizumi, and Mutron.
VJ: Ai-Hz

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