Thanks for supporting as it slowly rises from the ashes of JP Goth!

Now it is time to get geared for some final damnations of your own with the last Japanese Goth events for 2005… plus a few for the first week of 2006. Don’t worry, there will be plenty more coming in once the new year is here.

Special thanx:
A special tip of the chu-hi can and flick of the bic goes out to Jude from Sins of the Flesh, whose intimate knowledge of the Kansai scene keeps us from being a Tokyo-only affair! Speaking of my brother in URLs, Jude will be putting in a special appearance as Despair’s keyboardist on December 30th for Electrock @ Urga. The event is more of a heavy eletro-rock affair, but the chance to be assaulted by toxic industrialists Despair should never be passed up – more so with Jude on keys!

One note with the Calendar section:
You may have noticed the “add me” option in the Calendar section. I am sure you know this, but just remember this is just a heads up for people to see who plans on going where, NOT a booking system. I know you know this, but just in case, I thought I better mention it. If you need to book for any events, just contact your band of choice or the organizer.

Okay, ’nuff talk, onto the events…


December 23 (Friday :: national holiday)
TOKYO 16:00 :: Project Elektra’s Mode @ Wedge, Shimokitazawa

December 24 (Saturday)
TOKYO 23:30 :: Tokyo Dark Castle #15 @ Shibuya Deseo

December 25 (Sunday)
TOKYO 19:00 :: TOKYO VAMPIRE @ Museum Tokyo

December 26 (Monday)
TOKYO 18:00 :: Phantasmagoria in Swastika Nite @ Urga, Shinjuku

December 30 (Friday)
TOKYO 18:00 :: Despair in Electrock Circus @ Urga, Shinjuku
OSAKA 21:00 :: Black Veil 2005 Final Party @ Neo

December 31 (Saturday)
TOKYO 22:00 :: Club Walpurgis @ Aoiheya, Shibuya
TOKYO 22:00 :: Luft Schloss Roppongi Grand Opening

January 4 (Wednesday)
TOKYO Time? :: VENGEANCE for BLOOD Extra 2 @ Ikebukuro Cyber

January 6 (Friday)
OSAKA 19:00:: Subliminal Attack @ Pipe69, Shinsaibashi

January 8 (Sunday)
NAGOYA 21:00 :: Stigmatic @ P.O.D, Sakae

Need more?
If your skyping for some interesting live acts around Tokyo on other dates, you might want to check out Urga in Shinjuku, Chop in Ikebukuro and Area in Takadanobaba.

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