My arms are dropping off! Ten to 16 hours a day at computers can do that to you. Igor has been discovering new and peculiar ways of resting the shoulder sockets while at the screen. It produces glances from workmates, but it has been the only way to keep on working. Wait. Stop. It’s time to do some Gothing this weekend with Satanyanko and Strawberry Song Orchestra in Osaka.

Saturday and Sunday in Osaka!
Satanyanko and Strawberry Song Orchestra are setting up for a double dose of devilish feline fury, playing two nights in a row to celebrate the launch of their split CD at Osaka’s Club Water. Two nights, mixing sounds from Goth, dark rock and neo-retro lie in wait to take you on a trip through the West Japan’s alternative scene. Six bands each night for the price of just two Belgium beers (2,000/2,500 at door). Events are on February 19th and 20th with the Santanyanko and Straberry Song Orchestra CD, Ichigo gakudan to Akuma neko, being released in stores and on March 1st. Sounds good!

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