Just got an e-mail from HUMANFLOWER about an event going down on Sunday, February 27 at Osaka’s Bridge! I have to say that HUMANFLOWER has one cool site with background music featuring a lone piano and the haunting tones of a dark siren! I’ve been checking some of the tunes from the other players and love the sounds. Not hard or metallic, but the music carries an emotional weight to escape the material world. Kind of an urban twilight romanticism with a focus on instrumental works. Definitely one worth checking out.

Event info:
Event: NAAM presented by Cultural Guerrilla Expansion
Place: Bridge
Address: 8F Festival Gate, 3-4-36 Ebisu Higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka 556-0002
Club phone: 06-6634-0080
Date: Sunday February 27, 2005
Start: 19:00 ~ (Open 18:30)
Price: 1,200 yen adv./1,500 yen at door (1 drink +300 yen)
Performance: HUMAN FLOWERBLACK SEA ver.2
Performer: Yoko Higashino (Baby-Q) / Guile / Kinya Uchida
Live: Guitar Noiz Orchestra, Slowcalm, Wakuraba (Muchuumu, Baby-Q).
Visual: Roka Penis
Web site: http://www.humanflower.net/
Club site: http://www.beyond-innocence.org/

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