There is a lowering of the libido in Japan with increasing numbers of 20-somethings avoiding sex according to an Asahi article from June 12, 2004, For some young Japanese, sex isn’t much fun at all. The article has now disappeared, but you can still pick it up using Google’s cache.

Why, oh why is this happening? What is wrong with the world? But seriously, this kind of thing poses large problems for the economy and quite possibly the overall mental health of the nation (yeah I know it’s grandiose, but I always hold to the Dirty Harry 5 philosophy that opinions are like assholes, everybody has one).

Men and women in their twenties are turning off, or toning down, sex. Perhaps the most shocking revelation (unless you’re conservative regarding s-e-x things, in which case you might be exclaiming hell yeah) is the level of drop off according to Asahi:

The surveys showed that the percentage of people in their 20s who “had sex during the past year” dropped significantly during the three years between surveys, from 74 percent to 68 percent for men and from 81 percent to 62 percent for women.

This lack of reproductive activity is hitting many areas of the economy from condom sales and Love Hotels to my damn pension payments.

Love Hotels are now getting used for sleeping, karaoke and “video game” sessions (what’s up with that one? Sounds like a code for something else). I can vouch for this with one couple recommending that the hotels are great for sleeping and karaoke parties. I cannot wait for a midday TV program to come up with novel applications for condoms that pass their use-by date.

Anyway, I could blab on about whys (stress, oversexed media, etc., etc., etc.), but really you should read the cached version of the article article.

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