I admit, I have been shirking my duties at JGoth.com for a while. Posting up events, writing Goth reviews, blogvertising, etc. But I have an excuse… I’ve been cooking up stuff in the backroom of Gothers.com community site. Rather than creating content, hyping thingamee this, thingamee that. I have just let the site roll out and spiking extra bits into the machine.

Of course, having all the social skills of a rabid tarantula it is actually hard for me to be a… perky Goth. So Gothers.com works well for me, because it you can socialize, blog, be dour or perky, start a group or just muss about in the forums. You guys create the experience while I just hammer on extra bits as they come along. Who knows, Gothers.com could make me p-p-p-p-perky too.

To readers of JGoth who are wondering just where the hell to go, I would say keep both JGoth.com and Gothers.com in your bookmarks. I will continue doing my blog on JGoth with some event information and be doing more reviewing and stuff. But check out Gothers, because its showing signs of going slightly viral (green phlegm and all).

And lordy me, JGoth is now four years old. Happy birthday my little Blog (ex. community site, ex. blog, ex. hand-made page).

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