Yep, another slowdown. I could tell you what’s going down, but it doesn’t help anyone none, so I won’t! There’s just a lot of stuff. There is something really cool that could come online in a couple of months, but that will just need to be under wraps for now.

I would like to put a big thank you to Maya who added the discount to her Midnight Mess last month! That was probably the nicest thing anybody has done for me as the JGoth slave this year. Thank you!!

Onto other things… Well there are lots of things happening over the Halloween period November 21 through to 28 so I will try to get to adding some of those over the next week.

As a special favor to the slave… If you book any events that you found over here please let the people you book with know that you found them from Igor @ JGoth. This helps let them know that this place does serve a purpose.

Righto, I better do some hood-work.

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