Hailing from Fukuoka, Harshrealm is a dark harsh electronica unit with some great sexed-up sounds and were part of the massive overnight Goth invasion of Urga in Tokyo last month with Auto-Mod, Destruct System, Calmando Qual and other hot local underground bands. Harshrealm is preparing for their first album release in October, but have put a collection of five demo tracks online!

The songs on the extended demo track are:
1.cruel division (demo)
2.subsequence (demo)
3.misery loves company (rough mix)
4.cell(rough mix)
5.sleepy hollow(non vocal mix)

Have a listen to the songs on MySpace, or drop in on Harshrealm’s Web site. This band is exciting, not only in terms of what they are creating, but also in their international cooperation – expect to hear more from Harshrealm in the near future!

Fukuoka gig in June:
On the local front The band will be doing Fukuoka Drum Be-1 on June 10th. Check Harshrealm for details and booking.

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