Here’s an update from the funky artistes at ArtsyBugs. If you are looking for something relaxed, cool and kinda artsy, then this place comes recommended. You can schmooze or chill. Nice bunch of guys doing something… well artsy, but laid back.

The holiday season is coming up and ArtsyBugs would like to invite you to celebrate their first annual Artsybugs Christmas Party!!!!. The art group, Artsy Bugs will have a big Christmas party at the Pink Cow next Sunday Dec. 11.

Admission is 500 yen admission and any style is ok. If you have a portfolio please bring it and share your work. There’s also a Secret Santa gift exchange, so bring a wrapped present (100-500 yen) – something fun, funny or creative.

Mizore is finally going to get it on with some live music. It will be the first set for Ninth Circle, since Mizore’s escape from Seattle some time ago. Other cool things will be short films from Kazu and Pixel Animation, live music from Achim Lang, Nick Kirk and a special DJ set by Haraguchic. Poetry and slide shows of art and design work from our members and more.

Doors open at 6pm with performances starting from 6:30. Come early for a classic Christmas short animation and don’t forget to bring your portfolio to share.

If you would like to show your art at the Christmas party, please let us know as soon as possible, we have a room for a couple more and it is a great chance to share your creativity and work. Please e-mail at: plastikbarbieATgmxDOTnet for the submission details.

Come out, bring your friends and let’s celebrate the holiday season with Artsy Bugs. Tracey and the Pink Cow crew have promised a great holiday atmosphere with a supply of Seattle beer, good California wine and the usual great Pink Cow food. Hope to see you there!!!!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Artsybugs Team

Further details are here.


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