Surfing around and found this girl-oriented event (sorry guys – read the restrictions below). It’s called Alamode and will be at Club Hoop on April 2, starting at 12 midnight (2000 yen adv./2,500 yen @ door) – min. age 18. It looks to be a pretty amazing gothic lolita party including names that are becoming more and more familiar like Isola and DJs Wakana and Violet (I’m learning okay!). Keep in mind this looks like it’s an event mainly for the goth-loli’s rather than the boys.

Notice to the male-folk – it looks like that you are required to be in full elegant dress and (maybe or, but I can’t read too proper-like) accompanied by a female to get in plus sending an e-mail beforehand would be in order (welcome to the neo-Victorian world lads). Ladies – well I guess dress is the most important issue here. For more information, or just a snark check out the Alamode site.

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