Novala Takemoto, author of Shimotsuma Monogatari (Kamikaze Girls – Check the movie’s site), a gothic-lolita novel turned cult movie sat down with David McNeill of The Japan Times back in December for a bit a chat .

Just a brief mention about the movie…
The story of Kamikaze Girls centers around a girl, Momoko, the product of a chance encounter between a yakuza and a hostess. The story starts with her at 17, living out in Ibaraki prefecture, with a mind filled with frills and lace along with appropriate dress. And so we have the beginning of a story of someone who’s mind is living in a slightly different place than there body. Sorry, I’m scarping this off several pages (I heard of it, just haven’t seen it okay!?!). Looks fun and he’s got another project on the way.

I guess you could call Novala Takemoto a respected, cult novelist with his works leaning towards the cute-grotesque nature of the Japanese goth-loli fashion/style/mind-set. Remember Alice in Wonderland? Now drop Alice in the middle of Tokyo. Oh, here’s a good quote from the man himself in this article in Asahi

“Lolita is a form of aestheticism. I think Lolita is a condition in which two conflicting elements co-exist without contradiction, for example, something grotesque as well as cute,” he says. “A Lolita loves Alice in Wonderland because the chaotic situation in Wonderland is very Lolitalike.”

Anyway, you can check the mind of the writer in in the JT article, or the Asahi article. Sorry, still got a lot to learn….

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