A while ago, I looked at a couple of issues regarding sex and procreation in Japan. Birth rates are at an all-time low and 1/3 of 20-somethings had not had sex in over a year. On the surface it looks innocent enough. Of course, there is the slight issue of my pension, which would be adversely affected by the shinking number of working-age people. Ho-hum.

However, now I discover another phenomenon – the sexless couple. Not just occasional, sporadic sex, but no sex. None. Nada. Not so much as a brass razoo. Yes, they are married, but go for years without sex. Do they have a problem with this? Apparently not, as they have good relationships, just without sex…

Whoa. Hold on, I can appreciate that for some people to choose this lifestyle, but for enough to generate articles and books just seems to be a little weird.

What are they doing instead? Working (too?) hard and having a good time around town, and wasting time with their hobbies. Okay, the question must be asked is sex not fun? Especially in marriage. Am I not permitted to have and to hold? Or am I being weird about this?

Should I not write a proposal to HBO for a Tokyo version of <> Sex and the City[/i]? Perhaps it could be called DeSexed the City…..

Anyway, here is an article from Mainichi’s Wai Wai

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