Angelspit Blood Death Ivory

After several months offline, Igor is back to talk about new music he likes!

This album by Australian duo, Angelspit, kicks ass with extreme electro-clash and grinding glitch beats laced throughout. Cutting through the layered noise are the spoken-word vocals. The sound structure and vocals have a hint of Combi-Christ, but this band is definitely something unique and downright addictive.

The first track, “Grind,” unleashes heavily distorted beats with anthem-like vocals, which delivers an insidiously addictive sound. “Paint Hell Red” is a powerful track with a quirky electro-glitch beat.

Third track, “Devilicious,” (Sample) is a hot industrial-dance number while track four, “Skinny Little Bitch,” (Sample) is an infectious dose of heavily-layered glitch-backed sounds with clever vocals. “Red” is an aggressive track with socio-economic-political lyrics. “Kill Kitty” is one hard-hitting track mixing sado-masochism with political undertones.

“Lust Worthy” is a wonderful, harsh slower-tempo track that works well with alcohol! “Shaved Monkey” revs up the tempo with its acidic sound and vocals. “Girls Poison” is a super-heavy beat almost drowning the vocals.

“Home-Machinery” has a quirky back beat to keep you on your tows and the vocals offer an attack on materialism or the slavery of materialism. The album finishes off with “Jugular,” a vitriolic song with heavily layered noise and vicious vocals.

Overall, I found Blood Death Ivory to be immediately infectious and very addictive. A lot of the music should make hell on the dance floors and give a good hard ear drum thumping wherever it is listened too. This is definitely a JGoth-recommended record!

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