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Ah, the heady mix of Alamode nights! This event features GPKISM, a mix of classical and industrial Goth music with ax-work from former Blood member Kiwamu. They will be joined by the violin/vocal duo of Rose Noire and femme-screamo electro band Toxic Strawberry along with other acts for an evening of Japan Gothic style. This is a bit beyond my limited scope on the Goth events – I tend to be focused on the Tokyo Dark Castle scene – but it looks quite a tasty event for local Gothers. Also included are fashion shows and exhibitions for those looking for the Gothic look in Tokyo. The event starts early @ 4:30, finishing around 10 p.m. so you can get your fix and still be able to face the return to normality on Monday.

Event: Classic Alamode 05
: November 7, 2010
Time: 16:30 ~ 22:00
Live: GPKISM, 島村秀男, Rose Noire, Zwecklos, Rose & Rosary, Celestear, Kiria, Toxic Strawberry
: Exhibitions and fashion shows
: 2,500 yen adv. :: 3,000 yen @ door
Club Crawl
:  東京都渋谷区東1-25-2丸橋ビルB1 :: 1-25-2 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo east Maruhashi Building B1 :: 03-3498-3114 :: Map

Another sleepless night in Tokyo. I am not sure what to do so will write a little entry here.

Currently I am just getting back into the scene again and really looking forward to seeing some of the bands I used to follow before I got sick back in 2007. Bands like Baal, Destruct System, Psydoll and many others. Mmmm. Nice. Hopefully I will even get out to a few overnight events as well. I really miss the heavier nights at Tokyo Dark Castle. Incidentally the Halloween edition of TDC will be tomorrow.

So here I sit, brain slightly fried from the day’s frustrations. Trying to think what to do… what to do.

Hey what’s that? It’s like… It’s like… Sawdust in Me, but only with more angst. Youtube is playing some kind of crazy hard electro with femme screamo overlay… and I think I like it! It’s Toxic Strawberry “Doubt Her Suffering!!!” Goodnight all.