Gothika :: 120 Days of SodomGothika (MySpace) will be conducting its third European tour in December with appearances in Greece, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Finland and Russia! The band also released its first full CD, 120 Days of Sodom, on September 15 this year – I must get my hands on a copy. If you are interested in getting a copy for yourself they are available at J Music Store.

Tour Information:

2007/12/14 (Fri) Athens, Greece @ Underworld Club
2007/12/15 (Sat) Lahr, Germany @ Universal D.O.G. -Dark Dance Treffen-
2007/12/16 (Sun) Barcelona, Spain @ BeCool
2007/12/19 (Wed) Paris, France @ Le Klub
2007/12/20 (Thu) Brussels, Belgium @ The Windows
2007/12/21 (Fri) Helsinki, Finland @ Gloria
2007/12/22 (Sat) Moscow, Russia @ Relax Club

CD Information:
Gothika :: 120 Days of Sodom 120 Days of Sodom :: Track List
01. Nazareth
02. Elflock
03. Girl Inferno
04. fata morgana Android
05. Lage Kokeshi Doll
06. Beyond God and Evil
07. Hair Cut Millennium
08. Mitsu-Getsu-Ka
09. I’m sorry for my birth.
10. Alexa
Available at J Music Store.