Well, guess who’s been a busy boy today.

Yes, Koizumi, Japan’s PM and self-professed lion king, presumably because of his hair-do, has kicked into overdrive the last couple of days.

First it was yesterday, when the helmsman gave a tongue-lashing to young MPs who were too busy playing with their mobile phones and reading comics during Parliament sessions. Don’t believe me? Well check this story out before it disappears. There are all kinds of adult (themed) comics in Japan from alien sex to pro-golf heroes to cybernetic businessmen called Yamazaki. Hopefully none of them were carrying old copies of Misshitsu into the sessions.

Then today, there’s the announcement that the big boy is off to see Kim Jong-il to talk about Japanese abductees and nuclear issues. So the two Ks, Kim and Koizumi, will be getting together for a pow-wow on May 22. Should be an interesting tour….

Hopefully too interesting for people to pay much attention to the revelation by K’s staff that Japan’s permed prince of politics failed to make pension payments for several years. So what? I hear you say. Well, Japan’s pension system is buckling as the population gets older, and the pollies are the ones who should be doing something to overhaul the thing before it’s too late. Now the guys who are responsible for the systemic mess are getting caught for not even making payments. Okay, just trust me here. It’s a big fiasco and people are bowing like crazy, apologizing profusely and tendering resignations (from posts, not from parliament). Go check out Koizumi’s announcement, the political dilinquents, and the polly-berating TV anchor who just got busted.

Anyway, one thing is for sure, Koizumi will be too busy to turn up to Zombiefied at Rock Ya and that is a great reason to go!