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[Uber Goth-Industrial Live & DJ] Here is the 2010, second-half schedule for TDC. Tokyo Dark Castle (TDC) is the main event for the Gothic underground in Tokyo. Populated by the best-dressed Goths from all walks of life TDC delivers some of the best live acts and DJs in the scene. This makes TDC a must-see on any Goth agenda.

TDC have the second half’s event schedule for 2010 and rather than do a single post each time the event is set to roll.

Unless otherwise stated, TDC begins at 12 midnight Saturdays and goes through to the early morning (around 6 a.m.). Remember that as with all overnight events you need photo ID to enter. View full article »

If you look on the column on the right with the Amazon MP3 advertisement (note: even if you shop for other stuff at Amazon, just click on the ad so I might get a small sub-referral fee – yay!), you will see the upcoming events list in chronological order with links to the related information/story page. That works better for me, and hopefully for you too.