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forkyss.gifAttica, Greece – Genre: Electro, Gothic, Industrial

My Spirit Free At Last is the first full official album release for Forkys (MySpace). Forkys is a Greek duo, featuring Dominique on vocals & keyboards and Vril in charge of programming, FX vocals and visuals, and has been around since 2001. The band’s strong Gothic, dark electronicka sound was influenced by European and North American Gothic and industrial music as well as ancient European literature. The end result is a high-quality, enjoyable CD weighing in at 58 minutes with 12-tracks.

Before getting into the album itself it might be worth noting that Forkys was (is) an ancient Greek God of Water – sea and wave – so it is associated with human emotions to some extent.
The album mixes simple, addictive technoid tracks such as the opening 6th with much more complex arrangements such as the second track The Harpies Are Waiting. Dominique’s voice is quite unique, quavering between speaking and singing through the tracks, gives the songs an extra-dimension and adds a sexy touch to the tracks. Attack of Insanity starts showing a darker side of this duo. This continues with The Way of the Soul as male vocals become more prevalent.

The following song, Les Dibles Ils Reviennent is probably the sexiest of the album with an infectious beat and vocals in French, which suit Dominique’s style of singing.

The next three songs continue the albums slide into darker beats and formats with Under the Sun, the sad male vocals of Womb and Dithering with key outtakes from George Bush Jr.’s speeches. The trend continues with Cold in the Earth with a sense sadness extending below the surface of the world and Colors.

The final two songs give the feeling of overcoming the darkness that had previously built up in the mid-section of the album. My Spirit Freed at Last exhibits continued sadness, but the haunting vocals penetrating the beat give a sense of elevation. The final song, Incantation is the least danceable track due to its melancholic rhythm, but emphasizes a final release.

Overall, I found this recording quite satisfying to listen to and, while it may not be revolutionary, it certainly is a fine example of Greek Gothic electro. My favorite track would have to be Les Dibles, Ils Reviennent, because of the vocals were just amazing, but I enjoyed all the tracks.

ForkysMy Spirit Freed at Last :: Track List
1. 6th (5:24)
2. The Harpies are Waiting (5:08)
3. Attack of Insanity (4:50)
4. The Way of the Soul (4:20)
5. Les Diables, Ils Reviennent (3:45)
6. Under the Sun (5:14)
7. Womb (5:04)
8. Dithering (Feat. G. Bush Jr.) (4:45)
9. Cold in the Earth (3:39)
10. Colors: (4:57)
11. My Spirit Freed at Last (7:09)
12. Incantation (4:11)
Total: 58:26

For more information contact Dead Scarlet Records or visit Forkys on MySpace. Japan distribution is made possible by Cure Distribution.

Garden in BlackBased in Athens, Greece, Garden in Black released its debut CD on the Dead Scarlet Records label on 13 February 2007. Garden in Black is an interesting mix of digitized music mixed within strong danceable beats with the whispered vocals of fear, loss and pain. While the topics tend towards the darker side of the human psyche, the keyboards, guitar and percussion along with the vocals make for quite an enjoyable listening experience (see links to samples below).

The album starts on the darker side with Help Me!! and Your Hell, which offer dark dance themes for the listener. Help Me!! was, for me, particularly interesting with the female voice that said “Help me, I want you to help me” with the same emotionless delivery of the voice on Depeche Mode’s Photographic song – “I take pictures, photographic pictures.” The rasping vocals of Your Hell makes you truly believe the lead singer is the inflicter of pain and tragedy in your life.

The faster underlying beat in War Dialing is in line with a cyber attack. Hypnotic Touch and Fallen Star offer more mellow soundscapes. Retro 80’s sounds and beats infuse 25th of September and The Haunted Song. Dark Current Noise delivers a harder contemporary noise and electronica sound. In Silence is probably the most melancholic piece of this dark, yet danceable CD.

There are also remixes of Help Me!! and Your Hell on the CD. Help Me!! delivers an extra layer of darkness to the original with screams in the background. Both remixes deliver more power with harder, edgier sounds. There is a final track (not mentioned on the CD) that finishes with an acoustic guitar and a woman’s groaning in ecstasy – a most interesting finish.

Overall I found this CD to be quite a good mix of darkness and light. The raspy vocals blended well with the guitar, keyboards & percussion. If you are looking for something dark, but not too dark, then this would be a good choice. I will certainly continue to listen to this album from time to time.

Garden in BlackGarden in Black :: Track Listing
1. Help Me!! (5:08)
2. Your Hell (3:44)
3. War Dialing (3:56) Sample
4. Hypnotic Touch (4:07) Sample
5. Fallen Star (4:20)
6. 25th of September (6:26)
7. Dark Current Noise (4:25)
8. In Silence (3:31)
9. The Haunted Song (6:07)
10. Help Me!! (fear mix) (3:42)
11. Your Hell (I hunt you remix) (3:38)
12. Untitled (4:48)
Total: (53:12)

Final note: Help Me!! now has a video clip here, and there are four full tracks available for download on Garden in Black’s site.

Available from:
Garden in Black (Paypal)
Dead Scarlet Records

Illusion FadesLocation: Athens, Greece – Genre: Gothic, Metal, Rock.

The Illusion Fades is one of the most popular and famous bands on the Greek Gothic scene has been active since 1990 and after all these years of commitment and the current Gothic rock styles.

Goth traditionalists (or puritans) have certain parameters of what does and does not constitute a Gothic act. These parameters tend to reduce the options for producing revolutionary work, which requires a skilled artisan to carve a masterpiece considering the limitations. If strict tradition was applied in Tokyo there would be very few bands that would be considered purely Goth – but we love hybridization in Japan!

But coming back to my point, its like whiskey – there are those who don’t mind blended whiskey and there are those who would only drink single-malt – and The Illusion Fades’ Psycho Burn, like a fine single-malt whiskey delivers a pure taste.

The sound on this album reflects the time and devotion the band has put into bringing all the core elements of Goth music into an album that delivers a refined product with dark ambient sounds and harder rock riffs all held together by the smoke-damaged, zombie-like vocals that would rival the most guttural grunts of some Germanic bands.

The careful use of analogue keyboards, voice samples at the start sets the stage for an album that burns with strong riffs in Full of Fire and Dead White Snow and softened sadness with Eyes of Sorrow, and the eerie tracks like Blood Ballad and Eyes of Sorrow. All compositions are in English ensuring maximum reach for the global Goth audience and the mature approach delivers a finely crafted album that any Goth enthusiast would enjoy.

My only complaints were:

  1. iTunes couldn’t pick up the album data (song title, artist, etc.);
  2. It took me a while to realize the band’s name was The Illusion Fades (Psycho Burn sounded cool to me);
  3. My browsers had different problems with the band Web site (perhaps it was made for Opera). However, their MySpace and YouTube accounts work fine.

Igor’s final call on The Illusion Fades’ Psycho Burn is… BUY IT! This album is something that purists and hybridized Goths will enjoy listening to again and again (as I have been for the past few weeks along with Amy’s Arms. It is that fine single-malt whiskey you bring out on special occaisions (or every time if you are a purist)!

illusion-fades-large.jpgPsycho Burn :: Track List
1. Close to the Fall (0:46)
2. Full of Fire (4:37) *
3. Run through the Nightmare (4:08)
4. Dead White Snow (4:29) Sample
5. Blood Ballad (6:55)
6. Rebirth (3:49)
7. My Dust Shining (4:10)
8. A Useless Part (5:02)
9. Eyes of Sorrow (6:09)
10. Love to Me has Faded (4:19)
11. Whispers in the Dark (0:39)
12: Close Your Eyes (7:26)
* Listen to on MySpace (plus three tracks from other albums.
+ Dead White Snow Video Clip on the CD and online +
Total playtime minus the video: 51.:8

Check out the video for Dead White Snow

[youtube CqwrZtg3KH0]

As to getting more information on the band you can try their regular page, but it didn’t work at all for me so head across to their MySpace page for more.

Available from:
Contact the band or the label Dead Scarlet Records regarding distribution.