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Sometime early yesterday Gothers.com crossed the 2,500 member threshold. I would like to thank each and everyone for joining up with Gothers. THANK YOU!!

As a small token of my appreciation I have decided to put on 22 hours of power where I will stay online from Sunday 2 a.m. through to midnight Japan Standard time. You can work out what time it is in Japan here:
And see all time zones at:

I am not exactly sure what I am going to do as entertainment, but will be online and in the chatroom to talk things up. I also hope to do a CD review of Fashion Bomb!

This will appear on my Japan (and others) Goth blog at:

So, if you have any time to give Gothers a little spin, the Web slob will be online around Saturday to Sunday depending on your time zone. Remember Igor will be online on Sunday from 2 am to midnight Japan time.



A month and a half has gone by without any posts. This means only one thing… other things are afoot. Currently most of my time is taken up by Gothers.com a social networking site for Goths and dark spirits. It is still small at 1800+ but is growing quite nicely. Then there is my new site that hooks directly into a million plus Gothic dating network called Goth-Match.

I miss writing about things though so maybe there will be more posts soonish.



It has been a while since I have blogged here at JGoth.com and even longer since I last updated the events list. It feels kind of weird treading this place again.

I guess since I have been persona non grata in the local Goth scene and launched the surprisingly successful Gothers.com site has taken me away from the ol’ JGoth site and the monomaniacal urge to write about local events has disappated. Not to worry, the major planned events are up and if you are already in the scene you probably have a lot more knowledge of upcoming events than I could put up here.

I miss the gigs and parties and people and vibrancy of this underground scene, but there is never enough time these days. I hope to get to a gig or two later in the year.

For now I just want to say hello to my blog and anyone who is reading it. And if you are looking for party information start by searching Tokyo Dark Castle or Midnight Mess in the search box. Or if you are in Nagoya look for Stigmatic and in Osaka, Dark Veil I think.

Fangs for the memories, I’ll be back soon.

After testing, I am pleased to announce that Gothers.com is officially open. Gothers.com is a social network site in a similar vein to MySpace, except it’s in black and red. As a couple of the early members have found you can also customize/pimp your page. Currently there are a few dozen members, a couple of musicians offering online versions of their music, but to get this site popping I need more of you fine folk to join in.

JGoth.com will remain as my main news blog, but I will need to spend more time in the Gothers network from now on. So without further ado heeeeere’s Gothers!