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Hey there folks. Sorry about the lack of updates, but I haven’t got any new CDs to review (although I did receive a CD case sans the CD) and am too lazy to keep up with the events and stuff. Also, I have been spending a lot of time pouring over Gothers.com which has continued to grow (293 bodies at last count – not huge, but not small). So if you are looking for where Igor’s chilling, head on down to the arena.

After testing, I am pleased to announce that Gothers.com is officially open. Gothers.com is a social network site in a similar vein to MySpace, except it’s in black and red. As a couple of the early members have found you can also customize/pimp your page. Currently there are a few dozen members, a couple of musicians offering online versions of their music, but to get this site popping I need more of you fine folk to join in.

JGoth.com will remain as my main news blog, but I will need to spend more time in the Gothers network from now on. So without further ado heeeeere’s Gothers!