Ah, the heady mix of Alamode nights! This event features GPKISM, a mix of classical and industrial Goth music with ax-work from former Blood member Kiwamu. They will be joined by the violin/vocal duo of Rose Noire and femme-screamo electro band Toxic Strawberry along with other acts for an evening of Japan Gothic style. This is a bit beyond my limited scope on the Goth events – I tend to be focused on the Tokyo Dark Castle scene – but it looks quite a tasty event for local Gothers. Also included are fashion shows and exhibitions for those looking for the Gothic look in Tokyo. The event starts early @ 4:30, finishing around 10 p.m. so you can get your fix and still be able to face the return to normality on Monday.

Event: Classic Alamode 05
: November 7, 2010
Time: 16:30 ~ 22:00
Live: GPKISM, 島村秀男, Rose Noire, Zwecklos, Rose & Rosary, Celestear, Kiria, Toxic Strawberry
: Exhibitions and fashion shows
: 2,500 yen adv. :: 3,000 yen @ door
Club Crawl
:  東京都渋谷区東1-25-2丸橋ビルB1 :: 1-25-2 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo east Maruhashi Building B1 :: 03-3498-3114 :: Map

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