I haven’t got out much this year due to ongoing health issues (or unhealth issues – take your pick), but have seen a few interesting shows where I can, like the one at Design Festa in May. Design Festa is the biggest art festival in Asia (according to the PR), but I really wasn’t looking for art… However it also has an outdoor stage where you can catch quite a few local indy bands, which is much more figgable to a miscreant like me. More importantly, it had an industrial-Goth band, Nicht, doing a set, which I had to see. The plan was to get out there, see Nicht (at 1 p.m!), and get out of Dodge ASAP. As we all know, all plans go to hell. One band led to another and I wound up enjoying a lot of great loud stuff from hard rock to metal to blackcore and more. It rocked and I got quite a number of pixies… So take a look at part 1…

Design Festa 1 :: Nicht & Crucified Pictures (Registration required to see pixies – sorry).

…part 2 coming soon.

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