[CyberGoth - Underground fusion event] Europeans wanting to get a taste of a Japan underground clubbing would do well to check out this event as it rolls through Paris and Germany. It is a difficult event to describe because it kind of crosses CyberGoth, alternative dance and sound, a bit of exoticka and a twist of continental flourish from Adrien, the creator of the event.

From the Goth side there is the ever-gorgeous operatic diva, Selia, Goth DJ (also ever-gorgeous), Sisen, and I do believe that Aural Vampire (did I mention ever-gorgeous?) as well. But this is just a part of the troupe with dance and performance from Kengo, Exo Chika (AV) and Anna, DJ’ing from Takuya Angel (house and industrial) and AV’s Raveman (hard house and industrial), and lots more. I haven’t been to a Tokyo Decadance event, but from friends who have been it sounds… gorgeous ;-)

Trust me, this will be a yummy event.

JGoth event information:
May 12 in Paris France
May 19 in Munster Germany

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