[Monster Cyber Nite] Organized by ARTiSM and SiSeN/Violet, this event is an awesome display for Tokyo’s cybernetic crowd. The live side is a wondrous brew of cyber-elektronicka featuring Sino, Psydoll and Bespa Kumamero, along with a guest appearance of Himawari. DJ’s include Sisen, Takuya Angel and Guild. There will also be a stack of dancers and performers that will make you think you have crossed into SiSeN-Land! This event is golden.

Booking: As a small thank you to a couple of guys who have been super-nice to the JGoth slave, I would like to suggest any JGoth-ers going book through either Psydoll or Sino (thanks guys):
Psydoll: psyber [at] psydoll.com
Sino: sino [at] re-buildrecords.net
– Please provide your name, number of your party and send email by the evening of the 26th.

Tokyo Cyber Monster 01 @ Studio Cube 326 Minato-ku (Tamachi stn.)
Open/Start: 16:30
Live: Sino Re-Build Projects (info), Psydoll (info), Bespa Kumamero (info) and Defrag.
Guest Live: Himawari
DJ’s: SiSeN (info), Takuya Angel and Guild
Performance: Dances, performances and exhibition!

See event listing for (a bit) more info

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