JGoth.com gets about a dozen totally off-topic mails each week from real people. Mostly I try to point people in the right direction or just ignore them, but there is the occasional gem… Sock puppets taking on Jehovah’s Witnesses and Satan himself – who am I to resist? Here’s the release.

The End is Near!
The final Chapter of the Jeff Saga to be released on 4/13/07!

This Friday the 13th, the long awaited and much anticipated final chapter to the Jeff Saga will be released on SockPuppetsFromHell.com. Jeff, the evil floating cardboard incarnation of Satan, has Sam and the Sock Puppets cornered and it’s going to take some extreme measures to save them. This will be the battle-royal of the year. If you thought the previous four chapters of the Jeff Saga were badass, you haven’t seen anything yet! Expect lots of hellfire, explosions, and insane, over-the-top humor.

The Sock Puppets from Hell are a group of four insane Sock Puppets who live with a guy named Sam. Constantly finding new ways to muck up and complicate his life, the Sock Puppets (who may or may not actually be from Hell!) never cease to amaze. In the past, they’ve taken on Pizza Delivery Guys, Jehovah’s Witnesses, crazy dogs, telemarketers, and even Satan himself. The Sock Puppets from Hell are the creation of Dan Cheek who, along with his elite Puppet Staff, have been running SockPuppetsFromHell.com for almost a year. In that time, the site has exploded in popularity, logging hits from around the world.

In addition to Sock Puppet related things, the website also boasts an incredible selection of other various content. Rock music from some of the best up an coming artists from around the globe, drunken celebrity videos, links, a Drink of the Month section, Stupid Ninja Fight videos, comic and music news and reviews, and original photo essays. What’s more, Cheek and the Puppet Staff plan on unveiling even more original content, some Sock Puppet related and some not, over the next several weeks.

For more information, please visit http://www.sockpuppetsfromhell.com .

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