Sadly, the February Tokyo Dark Castle was the last gig for Seiji as the screamer of brutal dark metal unit Morgue. The remaining members include two solid ax-men, Tomo and Takaya plus programming/synth from Shingo.

The other former Morgue-rs include Naoto on bass, and Akira, the madman on drums. Aside from fronting for Morgue until February 2007, Seiji was the demonic key-tarist for Despair until late 2005. I like Seiji’s style a lot, whether key-taring or screaming – nothing is held back, but he always maintains control onstage. He’s just an exciting guy to watch. I think that edge-of-craziness went really well with Tomo’s more grooving laid-back delivery of the licks.

Morgue is one the most exciting new band I have for a long time with a strong combination of hot music and all-out flash. Tomo and the Morgue crew will no doubt bounce back, and I look forward to seeing what Seiji will do next.


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