The Japanese non-profit synthpop Goth EBM webzine, sukisuki-elepo is proud to announce the release of their Synthpop Calendar 07/08 to provide photos, artist birthdays and information to Japanese music fans. It is free to download and print out and has a helluva lot of birthdays!

The calendar features a different performers’ photos every month and includes birthdays for many artists throughout the year. This year Covenant, Iris, Technoir, Ayria, VNV Nation, and artists on Substream and Megahype labels have been added to the calendar.

This calendar will be uploaded month-by-month, so please visit sukisuki-elepo Web site from time to time.

Sukisuki-elepo is also looking to contact more artists to add to the calendar throughout the year!

The calendar is available in PDF format, prints on sizes up to A3, and includes Japanese holidays (did I mention it has scatloads of birthdays?). The cover of the calendar and February are out now, but more months will be added ASAP!

Sukisuki-elepo site
Calendar page

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