Excuse the mess, I am still getting used to all the buttons and dials of the site since my return. This is the final scream for the new year events in Tokyo and Osaka. I was hoping someone had an idea in Nagoya, but after getting no reply on a BBS post I realized I might as well just scream at a few Christers on the first day of 2007.

Anyway, here are the last events for the final week of 2006…

December 26
Psydoll in Tokyo

December 30
Mirage in Tokyo
Electrock Circus in Tokyo

December 31
Midnight Mess in Tokyo
[Goth-SM-Industrial-Underground Dance] Midnight Mess will take you screaming into the new year with performances from dark siren Selia, some binding from Mira Kurumi, DJing and domineering from Maya, more DJing from Static, TE2, & Satsuki and a fistfull of noodles (served up before midnight, but the party goes on all night). Sounds great. Just don’t ask me about the noodles… Full details

December 31
Black Veil in Osaka
[Goth Industrial EBM DJ] Black Veil’s final party for 2006 is a cooperative effort bringing dark DJs from throughout the nation to Osaka. If you are Goth and in Osaka, then this is the place to be. I could go on, but just look at the DJ list (Black Veil DJ’s, Nagoya’s Stigmatic DJ’s, Tokyo Dark Castle’s DJ’s and BSL DJ’s) to get the idea. Full details.

Okay… I’m off to add some ev(il)ents for 2007.

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