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Okay, so I’m back online… sort of. Sorry for the lack of interactivity on the site, but I am slowly working out how to handle things in that regard.

More importantly, the last batch of events are up for 2006. Actually there are quite a few kick-ass things going on if you dig around the Web, but the list is features some of the prettiest of the bunch.

The last events kick off with a Mode assault from A04 starting tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 16th), and finish with Maya’s New Year Party starting 11 p.m. on December 31st. There are also a couple of events listed for Osaka, but other cities will just have to wait until January – sorry.

If you are wondering… January is going to ex-frigging-plode with events right from the start – two w00ts for that!

Sat. 16 Dec. 2006
Project:ELEKTRA’s MODE 2 @ Club Wedge Shimokitazawa TOKYO

Sat. 16 Dec. 2006
Club Walpurgis – ANtiChRiSt xXmAsS @ Aoi Heya, Shibuya TOKYO

Tue. 19 Dec. 2006
Auto-Mod and Lloy in Immigran Haus #4 Bloody Xmas Party

Fri. 22 Dec. 2006
Switch BladerZ in Viva La Slap @ King Cobra Nishi Shinsaibashi OSAKA

Sun. 24 Dec. 2006
Club Inferno @ Bar Shifty Shibuya TOKYO

Sat. 30 Dec. 2006
Destruct System in Electrock Circus #20 @ Urga, Shinjuku TOKYO

Sat. 30 Dec. 2006
Club Mirage Vol. 14 @ Club Hoop, Shinjuku TOKYO

Sun. 31 Dec. 2006
New Year’s Gothic Revolution Count Down Party 2006-2007 @ Club Neo Osaka

Sun. 31 Dec. 2006
Midnight Mess New Year Party @ MK Studio Shinjuku TOKYO

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