Destruct System[Power industrial and beyond] When I first saw the announcement for this event, I knew it was THE MOFO of the month! First, there is some pretty cool heavily mechanical-trance industrial from Ruin Close Reptile. Then there is Destruct System, which is one of the hottest industrial heavy-rock bands in the Tokyo scene. Finally there’s Morgue, which is the hardest-hitting super-heavy sounds I have heard (this side of serious metal assault) – Morgue blows your skull open and pumps it full of adrenaline! This will make a very good live night for the dark souls, and those who just have to release the beast within. The combination of Destruct System and Morgue in particular is brilliantly brutal – you will be treated to an awesome double-display of mind-bollocksing power industrial and more, and you will love every second of it! But wait… there’s more!

The DJ mix is also looking good with Midnight Mess’ Maya, Destruct System’s Kohki and Thanatos and Spanking Go Go/Alter K (AKA Ken Morioka). Finally there is a performance by German Living Dead doll Mimi.

Mash it all together and you have one hellish overnight event that should sap every ounce of energy you have – I shit you not. Highly recommended.

Full details here.

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