One of the more interesting little death-related stories is the ongoing discovery of body bits of one fellow in the Shinjuku and Shibuya areas. The initial discovery was about a week ago when someone found a man’s torso dumped in a street a few hundred meters away from Shinjuku station. Without the head, lower parts of the arms, or bottom half of the body (including the bottom), the torso was found inside a Tokyo Metropolitan Government-approved garbage bag. Wait… Trash collection – how do you classify a corpse? Burnable, non-burnable or recyclable??

Apparently the wood-shop work took place sometime after death – which makes things a little better, but the poor blighter is dead in either case.

Today, a bottom and legs were found in a the garden of an empty house in Shibuya. So that would just leave the head, arms and other sundry hiding around the Shibuya-Shinjuku landscape (or possibly dumped far away to stifle identification of the victim). A grisly treasure hunt I guess. Police are still determining if the lower bit matches the upper bit or if they a bits from different puzzles. Like the torso, the lower bits were placed in a plastic bag, but it is unclear from reports if this plastic bag was approved by the Tokyo Metro Government or not.

That just leaves the arms and the head… He might have lost his head, but he’s ‘armless enough.

I’m having a macabre moment tonight….

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