Russia, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Luxembourg and the Netherlands all get a chance to enjoy some independent sexed-up 80s elektronicka from Andro, #449 and Nao. Euthanasie (info) play it retro with dark twists and sleaze to make it a nice and dirty experience! They are top guys to boot. I recommend checking them out if they hit your town.

2006/11/24(Fri) St-petersburg, Russia @ Revolution
2006/11/25(Sat) St-petersburg, Russia @ club Zoccolo
2006/11/30(Thu) Leeds, England @ The Cockpit
2006/12/01(Fri) London, England @ Bull and gate
2006/12/02(Sat) Lille, France @ La Rumeur (with lifelyxir)
2006/12/05(Tue) Paris, France @ Palais Bar
2006/12/07(Thu) Bordeaux, France @ el’inca
2006/12/08(Fri) Marseille, France @ Trolleybus
2006/12/11(Mon) Rome, Italy @ Traffic Live Club (with DEFLORE)
2006/12/14(Thu) Muenster, Germany @ Triptychon
2006/12/15(Fri) Goslar, Germany @ Tor III
2006/12/16(Sat) Warsaw, Poland @ Metal Cave club
2006/12/17(Sun) Vienna, Austria @ The Monastery
2006/12/18(Mon) Budapest, Hungary @ Keklyuk
2006/12/21(Thu) Kehlen, Luxembourg @ Shiny’z
2006/12/22(Fri) Utrecht, Netherlands @ EKKO

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