Blood is back in Tokyo mixing up the Goth-industrial with the darker side of kei in Blood Extra #4. This event is looking more Goth-oriented than the last Blood Extra (that had Despair) with the power-femme industrial from BAAL and some good dark Osakan theatre with Rose de Reficul et Guiggles. Blood with be cusping in the middle, and there will be performances from Suicide Ali and The Candy Spooky Theater on the more kei-ish side. DJ Chihiro from TDC will be spinning (or whatever it is that digital DJ’s do) between sets so it should be quite fun.

The crowd will probably be a mix of Gothic-Lolita types (generally quieter with hand movements), and quite a number Baal-following Goth-types (lots more noise). Follow the noise brethren for the most fun!

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