Stigmatic[Hard LOUD Goth - DJ'd] I have been pretty impressed with the Nagoyan scene in 2006 with a good number of dark-hearted events cropping up since January (by Nagoyan standards). September is no exception with Nagoya’s Goth-master Doom Spider letting rip with another overdose of the Stigmatic scene. Remember kids… Doom Spider likes his parties loud!

Soundwise DoomSpider is harsh EBM industrial Goth with flourishes of lighter sounds mixed in. He’ll be joined by VenoMoth (aka Sister Levi) doing femme-future and elektro-Goth, and riz-K with elektro-clash. 25 people pre-booking for the event will receive a special Doom Spider mix CD – these mixes are bitchin’ so I recommend buzzing your booking ASAP!

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