[Punk/Goth/Alt Fashion Fest with Live Music] Peeps who know gadget. and Geeks should definitely know lead man Kenzo Amishiro. But did you know he also has a couple of underground fashion brands? Well he does. Called Stigmata and the Addiction both will be featured at this event. Aside from getting to see an underground fashion show with skegs of designers there is also some special live acts including Baal!

From Kenzo-A:
It’s a fashion show and live music and DJ and more!!
My brands the Stigmata and the Addiction are in it too!!!

If you’re interested in Tokyo’s Punk/ Goth/ Rock/ Alternative Fashion and happen to be in Tokyo, this is the event to go. I’ll see you there!! Ohhh, come come! Ahhh hi!

Just buzz Kenzo from there.

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JGoth Event Details

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