Agent Murder[Goth - Whitecore - Metal] Two of my favorite bands to scream to are (I shit you not), Agent Murder and Suicide Squad. Many of you Goth-only folks probably don’t know Suicide Squad, but this is power core adrenilin rush stuff. You will like them. The Murder boys are dark princes in the scene, but deliver speed-balling metal to crash any party. Run Jewelry and Sugar are new to me, but Awi can usually be relied upon to pick out some damned fine bands. There is also Auto-Mod (yes, the TDC core) will also be up as special guests. Looking hot the whole way through.

For those of us who are un-Goth, let me say, this is one of those nights you won’t feel out of place if you have your street gear on. This is your entry point. Bring earplugs (just in case), and prepare for four hours of hot underground music.

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