Switch BladerZ [Goth-Psychobilly Live] A must-see event for all denizens of Tokyo. Why? Quite simply Osaka has madder, better underground parties! Three acts hailing from Western Japan in one event plus more bands to be announced! Phantasmagoria will haunt you. Rose de Refieal And Switch BladerZ will totally blow you apart with three axes and mad-ass vocal delivering speed-balling psychobilly assault. Other bands will also be playing, but these are all I know just at the moment. For a big Friday dark event it also comes at a great price – 1,500 yen advance!

Mina Spookycat, ax-man for the Switch BladerZ gives a bit of an introduction:
Swicth BladerZ has a very unique psychobilly sound.
Psychobilly, Hardcore, Gothic, Batcave…
Of course we use the wood bass.
The bassist and the drummer are musicians of the staunchness.
They are in PsychoBilly scene for ten years or more.
The vocalist is a person of the mystery in all!
He is a genuine tattoo master, and “ukiyoe” painter.
He was a noise musician since he was 14 years old!
He played with Japanese famous noise or hardcore musician like Solmania, Outo, Hanatarashi…
I enjoy playing with this unique band.

Sound good? It should! If you want to book with the band give Mina a buzz:
nega [at] tc4 [dot] so-net.ne.jp
Or PM him a message – his profile page is here.

Full details here

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