Chorna Rada[Japanese Goth in Kiev Event] Props to Phantasmagoria for being selected to play at Kiev’s Chorna Rada: Children of the Night III, the Ukraine’s biggest Gothic festival.

About the Chorna Rada: Deti Nochi Festival (since 1999)

The festival “Chorna Rada: Children of the night” is the oldest festival in the Gothic-industrial scene in the former USSR, and has managed to gather large numbers of visitors since its beginning in the late 1990′s. That’s why it is labeled as the biggest Gothic/dark event of the ex-USSR” and “dark Slavic gathering.”

Double props to the Chorna Rada folks for selecting a band that actually plays in the Goth scene in Japan!

People turning up to see Phantasmagoria can expect classical-influenced music coupled with haunting vocals. Show them some world-Goth love and help more Japanese bands get out there!!

On a side-note Spanish outfit Charlotte’s Shadow who were mentioned earlier this year on will also be playing at the event. Two w00ts! for you guys!

Current, officially bands for the event are:

Ukraine: Komu Vnyz (Kiev, Gothic industrial), Holodne Sonze (SolarIce), (Ternopil, Gothic rock / love metal), Dust Heaven (Odessa, Gothic synth), Inferno (Kiev, Gothic metal), Error:Genesis (Kiev, dark electro / EBM / industrial).
Japan: Phantasmagoria (Hyogo/Tokyo, J-rock / Japan Gothic)
Sweden: Severe Illusion (Sweden, EBM / industrial / electro)
Spain: Charlotte’s Shadow (Spain, Gothic rock)
France/Israel: Kreuzer (France/Israel, martial / rythm’n'noise / experimental / power noise / dark ambient)
Belarus: Prophetic Dream (Belarus, cyber-Gothic-electro), Vis Essentialis (Belarus, Gothic metal)
Russia: TBA.

More info:
Phantasmagoria (info)
Charlotte’s Shadow (info)
Chorna Rada: Deti Nochi Festival (info)

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