Despair![Dark Electro-Industrial :: Cyber Noiz :: Gothic :: EBM :: Despair 2nd Mini Ablum Release - Live/DJ]

Industrial warfare returns to the streets of Tokyo!

Despair wants to rescan your brain!! Absolutely 100% the event of the month with Despair screaming, Despair releasing their long-awaited new CD (fuck yeah!), Osaka’s master of darkness, the legendary DJ Taiki (aka D-Grimoire from Territory-D), the poster-child of Tokyo’s dark scene DJ 666 Fox (aka DJ Violet and Sisen), and mistress of light and harsh sound mixing DJ Margath Orgia. Light the fuse, because this night is going to be explosive!

You will also be able to catch some of the other core members of the BSL group like Baal… and remember Jude (Sins of the Flesh) is now junk-boarding for Despair. This will be 100% dark-hard-cybernetic-rock-industrial. Are you screaming yet? You should be.

Book beforehand to save 1,000 yen from the ticket price (1,500 yen adv. :: 2,500 yen @ door)! You can contact Despair, BSL or Baal for tickets. Jude (Despair) is on so you can always send him a private message or something.

Despair’s new CD: The new mini-album, Desereted Technology Riot, will feature five tracks and weighs in at 1,500 yen. Drooling fans can pick this up on the night (two weeks before you can pick it up at CD Gold or Territory).

IMPORTANT – Remember your ID: You need a picture ID to get in (no under-18s and no high-school kids). Even 60 year olds get checked – so DO NOT FORGET YOUR ID!

Brain Scan Laboratory’s Junk Children (info) @ Motion Shinjuku TOKYO
Open: 24:00
Live: Despair (info)
DJs: 666Fox (aka Violetinfo), Taiki (aka D-Grimore of Territory-Dinfo), Margath Orgia
Other: Includes special gift items for attendees :: Despair release of new CD!


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