Despair!After a long, long wait for Despair fans, the next mini-album is set to launch at Junk Children #2 at Motion, Shinjuku on September 9th! My fingers are atrembling with the thought! MUST… GET… CD…. BEFORE… TOO…. LATE.

I know the guys are pumping in overtime to get this puppy out and onto the floor for release day – nothing, short of thermonuclear war or Control-Alt-Delete, will hold them back! It is a launch that must come GO!

Toxicity levels are set of overdrive with Rieu, Jude and Ana laying out five tracks to assault your senses:
1. Jarring God
2. MPD Conflict
3. Filth Pig
4. Junk War
5. Mechanical Rabies

Those not turning up to the event on the 9th will just have to hang around outside CD-Gold (Tokyo) or Territory (Osaka) until the 22nd of September when the general release date is set.

I fully recommend turning up to the event, because you will get smacked front-on with the full live assault of the new material then! That’s right, Despair will be IN YOUR FACE with the new sound.

More info:
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