[General Hard-Alternative Rock] Organized by Demons – veteran hard rock/metallers who have done a couple of TDCs over the years – Evil Roll is one of those hard-edged events worth keeping an eyeball on. Keep a special eye on day 2 (August 9) as this is the one with toxic Goth industrialists Despair!

After checking the band list for the events I was impressed by the overall quality of these bands. Day 2 and 3 are probably more power-packed, but Day 1 has a lot going for it as well. Either way, I think if you make one or two ventures to this you will enjoy.

Day 1 :: August 8 :: Features Labs. The Basement (with one of Speed-iD’s number on drums), Demons and more! Full details.

Day 2 :: August 9 :: Features Despair, Demons, Muni Muni and more! Full details.

Day 3 :: August 10 :: Metal night with Apologist, Demons, Gunship666 and Unholy The 13th Preachers! Full details.

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