Blood will be hitting the U.S. and Mexico for from August 9th to 12th! They are also doing a few shows around Japan culminating with a Halloween Show in Tokyo.

They may not be part of the main industrial-underground that I spend most of my time following, but they are one of the more recognized acts in the alt-Goth scene outside Japan. The costumes cost more than your annual salary, and the soundscape is one of the best from the baroque/epic school of Japanese rock. They also developed their sound and image without cowtowing to the J-rock machine, making the band true artists who have walked their own path. That was my bit, now for the PR/tour schedule.

@live schedule
July 8 – Urawa Narciss
August 5 – Urawa Narciss
– Urawa tends to be a regular live event

[LES FLEURS DU MAL] in USA and in Mexico
August 9th The Knitting Factory (Los Angeles, USA)
August 10th The Knitting Factory (New York City, USA)
August 11th Unidad de Congresos CMN Siglo XXI (Mexico city, Mexico)
August 12th Unidad de Congresos CMN Siglo XXI (Mexico city, Mexico)

September 9 – Urawa Narciss
September 10 – Meguro Rokumeikan

4th gothic sponsor event [VENGEANCE for BLOOD Extra 4]
~Halloween Special~
October 1, Ikebukuro Cyber
Those who reserve tickets through BLOOD will receive a free distribution CD containing remixes of BLOOD songs by Dutch creator Lin / Dress code: those wearing gothic or lolita clothes to the live will receive a 20% discount on tickets
Opens at 3:30, starts at 4:30
Tickets 3000yen in advance 3500yen at the door (1 drink separate)
Order of appearance: BLOOD / SUSIDE ALI / etc
DJ: Chihiro
Display: unVolLkomMen

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